Trylon Data Management-Non Profit Donor database and mailing list services

Trylon Data Management-Non Profit Donor database and mailing list services


When we lost our donor database in the WTC attack, Trylon had our only off-site backup. Trylon knows our needs and our database. The team at Trylon is very friendly and easy to work with. They customize and modify their program to meet our needs. They never say, “We can’t do that.” They just think through the logic on how to get the job done. They are the easiest vendor to work with.”

Director of Donor Relations
Helen Keller Worldwide

Whether used in conjunction with Trylon’s database or used alone, Trylon’s merge/purge capabilities are extensive. Proprietary software keeps Trylon on the cutting edge, yet keeps costs low, and allows us to avoid the “one-size-fits-all” approach.


  • Fast turnaround
  • Individual merge/purge
  • Household merge/purge
  • B-to-B merge/purge
  • Low minimum charges
  • Finder numbers generated to speed data entry
  • Exclusive “Nixie File” service allows retention of rejected and refused mail to be suppressed in subsequent mailings
  • File cleansing and edit reports available
  • De-duped with DMA preference files
  • Decoys added to every job
  • Informative reporting and processes to identify data problems early
  • Flexible – output can be to e-mail, FTP, tape, CD or any media
  • Full service – presorting, printing and mailshop available, too
  • All data CASS certified, cleansed, and standardized to postal regulations
  • NCOA, telephone, demographic appending services available
  • File retention – we can handle your data entry and generate import files to your database
  • No hassle – the process is simple, seamless, and hassle-free

How Our Customers Use Trylon
One large non-profit had some very sophisticated testing to be done. They knew that if the customized coding and random selection was done incorrectly, the results would be meaningless. When the going got tough, they turned to Trylon.

Another used Trylon to prepare a disaster mailing of potential donors from various sources. They needed fast turnaround and Trylon got the job done.

A third was spending too much on their data entry. Trylon added finder numbers to their merge/purge and now do the data entry at a fraction of the cost, exporting the files into another vendor’s database.

Don’t go to a mailshop or someone who does merge/purges on the side! Turn to the merge/purge experts!