Trylon Data Management-Non Profit Donor database and mailing list services

Trylon Data Management-Non Profit Donor database and mailing list services


“Trylon does more than get our files ready. They approach us with concerns and tailor-make solutions for us. They always give us options. Trylon has always been flexible with deadlines to meet our needs. Everything goes smoothly.”

Account Manager
Thompson Habib Denison

We want you to think of Trylon as the “go to” source when quality file work needs to be done. Need something out of the ordinary or beyond your own resources? Turn to Trylon!


  • Sophisticated segmentation and analysis
  • Customized donor tracking and analysis reports not available through in-house software
  • Various file cleansing features such as identification of duplicates and address standardization
  • Identify inconsistencies, discrepancies, or errors in your data. A valuable “second opinion” regarding your database
  • Prepare data for the mailshop, reformatting, presorting, etc.
  • Alternative to reliance on an overstressed DP department or overpriced software vendor
  • NCOA, telephone, demographic appending
  • Flexibility and tailor-made solutions
  • Economical printing and mailshop alternatives

How Our Customers Use Trylon
One large non-profit uses Raiser’s Edge software as their in-house database. Now the database is so complex that they need Trylon to make sure they extract and code only those donors who they truly want to mail. Simple queries just don’t work any more! In addition, Trylon consistently provides easy to use edit reports allowing them to de-dupe and clean up their own database and apply consistent standards.

Another uses Trylon for our exclusive ethnic identification software, identifying just the right potential donors for their acquisition mailings.

Another uses Trylon for their disaster reaction plans, storing a database for immediate action when current events require immediate response.

Still another has Trylon coordinate all their mailings and correspondence, from printing to database to mailshop. Trylon, together with partner Proforma, Ltd., has saved them tens of thousands of dollars from when they tried to coordinate it themselves. By not being locked into a single printer or mailshop, we were able to get them the best value by far!

One large national sports authority needed Trylon to help them analyze and clean up their own database, the result of an in-house conversion to a new platform.