Trylon Data Management-Non Profit Donor database and mailing list services

Trylon Data Management-Non Profit Donor database and mailing list services


“Trylon is very efficient. I count on them to meet my needs. Even with a tight turnaround, they have always been able to get the job done. Their customer service is terrific. They offer us timely solutions and are always willing to work with us. It is a pleasure working with Trylon.”

Senior List Manager
Carol Enters List Company

List Exchange & Fulfillment

Allow Trylon to handle your list rentals and/or exchanges. Our custom designed fulfillment system is fast and efficient!


  • Fast turnaround – most orders are shipped in one day or less
  • Order tracking and retention – allows you to omit names previously shipped and to prevent misuse
  • Flexible – output can be to e-mail, tape, diskette, or labels (any kind)
  • Low minimum charges
  • Allows “Alias” of sensitive or confidential data
  • File cleansing and edit reports available – allows you to clean and improve your own file
  • Trylon works directly with list broker and/or manager
  • Flexible select/omit criteria – dollar, date, ethnicity, phone, gender, state, SCF, and selects using a customer-supplied zip file all available
  • De-duped with DMA preference files
  • Decoys added to every order
  • Informative reports
  • NCOA service available
  • No hassle – the process is simple, seamless, and hassle-free

How Our Customers Use Trylon
Regardless of where you house your data or where your merge/purges are run, Trylon can handle your list fulfillment. Even if you provide exchanges yourself, outsourcing can pay off by reducing your workload and increasing efficiency. Since this is something we do every day, we can do it efficiently and economically, without costly mistakes.