Trylon Data Management-Non Profit Donor database and mailing list services

Trylon Data Management-Non Profit Donor database and mailing list services


“I have confidence in Trylon’s professional and friendly people. I have a comfort level that they will do the right thing and resolve issues when they arise. I need to get information quickly, especially reports. “No” is not in their vocabulary. Their philosophy is to make it happen.”

Account Executive
Whittier & Associates, Inc.

You have Raiser’s Edge or another fundraising database? No problem! Let Trylon handle your data entry and provide you with clean, correct, cost-effective importable files, already prepared for your database.


  • Accuracy – all codes are computer checked for accuracy to ensure that they will import cleanly and correctly.
  • Consistency – names and addresses are entered to our exacting standards and are CASS certified. With consistent formatting standards, our data entry professionals avoid the quality problems normally associated with staff turnover, volunteer entry, or lack of training. You get years of experience starting from day one!
  • Low cost – through the use of finder numbers we can offer some of the lowest data entry prices around, even as low as 8¢ each when the finder number is barcoded! Prices are based on the data entered instead of a “one price fits all” standard.
  • Automatically generate acknowledgments and/or fulfillment, without delay. Our acknowledgment formulas are completely customizable – letters, cards, packages – every imaginable type of Thank-You can be mailed directly from our data center.
  • All data is CASS certified for maximum postal discounts. But we go one step further. If an address does not automatically generate a zip+4, our operators will look up the address in the nationwide zip+4 files and correct it. Without this extra step, misspellings and errors can still creep into your data.
  • Forget to print the appeal ID or fund code on the mail piece? No problem! With our finder numbers, we can retrieve the proper codes, regardless of whether it was printed or not.
  • Donor forgot to return the coupon with his check? No address given? No problem! From the name on the check and maybe the postal cancellation, we can retrieve the original finder number, with the complete name and address and with the proper codes as well! No longer will you have that mysterious “White mail” category, and your results will be all the more accurate.
  • Automatically de-duped with your house file. If we find that the donor is already on file, we de-dupe it and pass the proper constituent ID back to you for updating.
  • Automatic entry into a “nixie” or “kill” file. Every change of address is added into the file for suppression against the next acquisition mailing. We can even enter returned mail directly into that file. Even when the donor corrects their name and/or address, the old listing is automatically entered so it won’t be re-mailed.
  • Don’t have Raiser’s Edge? As long as your database allows for batch importing, we can create the batches in the format you need.
  • Don’t have finder numbers? Allow Trylon to prepare your renewals or your acquisition merge/purge and we’ll guarantee equal or lower prices than what you’re paying now, plus we’ll create the finder numbers for free.

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