Trylon Data Management-Non Profit Donor database and mailing list services

Trylon Data Management-Non Profit Donor database and mailing list services


“When we express a need, Trylon helps us figure out how to do it efficiently and develops a code to make it work. I feel confident in the people at Trylon – they have deep integrity. When we ask for something to be done, they remain calm and don’t get ruffled.”

Direct Mail Manager
The Police Athletic League

What is Caging? – Your mail needs to be picked up from a PO box. Each piece of mail must be handled according to its needs: deposits prepared and taken to the bank, correspondence answered, credit cards processed. In a nutshell, that’s what caging is. “Lockbox” often refers to the same thing.

Integrated – At Trylon, caging is integrated completely with data entry. In fact it is the only service at Trylon that can’t be ordered standalone; you must be a data entry customer to be a caging customer. This level of integration allows us to provide exceptional service as well as exceptional pricing. It makes sense because accurate acknowledgments are dependent on accurate data entry, which in turn is dependent on accurate caging.

One Stop – All sorts of advantages result when one company does both caging and data entry. Reduced shipping costs and fast turnaround are two obvious ones. But we think the biggest advantage is that there are No Excuses! When you need an answer, we’ll get it for you. No calling around, no finger pointing - it’s what you need to do your job.

Turnaround – Our commitment is to make the deposit immediately and respond to the donor within a few days. Thanks to our integrated approach that commitment is achieved.

Controls – At Trylon, the audit controls are built in to ensure accuracy and reliability. If you use Trylon’s database you can even display each transaction over the web. In addition, we will scan each piece of mail and/or check to provide reliable backup and an accurate trace mechanism should questions arise. You may be able to save significantly in storage costs, too.

Safe & Secure – Certainly you expect your donations to be safe, and Trylon lives up to your expectations. We provide a secure environment, from the mailbox to the shredder, which keeps your donors safe and your donations under lock and key. Of course we’re bonded to protect you even further. Checks, credit cards, and even cash are all handled with the security you would expect.

Free Banking – You have a choice of banks, both local and national, from which to choose for your deposit account and all offer internet access for you. You have a choice of accounts as well. We can even show you some excellent accounts that have no fees – free banking!

Versatility & Experience – White mail, unendorsed checks, returns, rejected credit cards – we handle all kinds of situations, probably some you’ve never thought of before. Share the collective experience of many organizations like yourselves so that you never need to “reinvent the wheel”.

Credit Cards – Of course you accept payments by credit and debit cards. You probably already have a “payment processing company” (PPC) that actually authorizes the charge. We can probably work with that company to handle these transactions at data entry time. If you don’t have a PPC we’d be happy to recommend one.

Partnership – Let Trylon be a part of your fundraising team. We are as committed to the success of your organization as we are to the efficiency of ours!